About the Project

Company website : https://crm.joinhobnob.com/

Company Profile

Renegade Insurance is primarily an Insurance Agency that provides both insurance and carrier licenses to its wide range of customers ranging from other Agencies, and independent agents to end user insurance.


Renegade Insurance already had a CRM type of application written in Java with a non-relational DB that proved to be non-scalable. Renegade wanted to create an entire copy of the existing CRM using new technologies and to make it more reliable, scalable, and much more optimized with added features that the old CRM was not able to support.


  • Reimplemented the entire platform from scratch
  • Rearchitected the Database from scratch using Relational Database
  • Improved performance 50x and added several new features
  • Brought down the API response Time from ~15 sec to ~300ms


A new version of the entire app was designed and built in 34 weeks. The clients were very impressed with the speedy delivery, considering all the change requests.


AWS, SendGrid, ExpressJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, Prisma, Sequalize, Azure, TypeScript, SQS, Lambda, KeyCloak, playwright