Case Study: Eunimart

Offerings: AI/ML

Eunimart img

Company Profile

  • Breakthrough AI-powered cross border e-commerce platform Integration with over 15 established online marketplaces such as Amazon, ebay SMB customers across the globe 70+ employees


  • Build the AI engines, data pipelines and infrastructure for the business intelligence subsystem


Hamon designed the Al engine powering Eunimart's path breaking technology platform. Obtained and analyzed over two years of historical sales data of customers to create models for predicting sales, suggesting price etc. Developed retrainable subsystems with automated data pipelines that currently power the platform


Eunimart was able to release MVP, acquire external investors and begin customer acquisition. First version of the general availability product released and currently working on Phase 2


Natural Language Toolkit (Python NLTK), Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, AWS Sagemaker, Scrapy. Selenium