Job Opening: Junior Software Engineer

Roles and responsibilities

  • Design and lead implementation of front end projects.
  • Collaborate with back end developers to ensure smooth user experience.
  • Ensure reliable cross browser, standards compliant functionality for applications.
  • Maintenance, automated testing, tooling
  • Mentoring junior developers

Skills Required

  • Good knowledge of modern standards compliant Javascript.
  • Good knowledge of state of the art tooling and development techniques for front end projects.
  • Good knowledge of REST APIs and how to interface with them.
  • Some experience with deploying front end applications
  • Working knowledge of CSS and HTML
  • Atleast 3 years of experience in relevant areas
  • Must have developed and deployed production applications


  • Experience with vue or React
  • Decent knowledge of version control tools like git
  • Working knowledge of UNIX
  • Some experience of working with AWS especially CDNs

What we offer

  • Competitive pay
  • Relaxed work environment
  • Good mix of decision making power and responsibilities
  • Challenging work