• Eindhan


    • Build prototype and initial version of the caditor.com application. Python/Django, Go

    We are a startup. I was looking for strong foundations to start building my web application in terms of right technology and best practices. Having worked closely with Noufal and his team for two months, I can safely say that I could not have asked for more. Noufal’s works was on-time, to spec and importantly with-in budget. Through out the entire engagement Noufal and his team showed 100% availability and delivered quality work in the end. I wouldn’t think twice hire him again whenever there is a need or recommend to others.

    Vikram Choudermet

    CEO, Eindhan LTD, UK
  • Vyoma


    • Expand existing infrastructure and applications used to deliver a country wide ad network based on raspberry Pi systems. Python, MQTT, REST, UNIX
  • INBE


    • Creating the communication infrastructure for a mesh of P2P networked PoS devices. Python, C/C++, WebRTC, FFI


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