• What we do

    The best infrastructure is invisible. It does its work and stays out of the limelight while providing the foundation for customer facing applications to run. Good infrastructure leverages automation and makes the computer do most of the work leaving the people to focus on the creative part of the enterprise.

    Hamon draws on its experience in automation and infrastructure to build custom solutions that allow our clients to automate critical parts of their infrastructure.


    • IoT device management
    • Software lifecycle management
    • Monitoring
    • Analytics
    • Devops automation
    • Test automation
  • How we work

    We take an attitude to software development similar to what a swordsmith takes to his work. A combination of efficient professionalism and creativity.

    We allocate small efficient teams to work on each of our projects and follow industry best practices to make sure that our work is transparent, within budget and on time.

Our Team

  • Noufal Ibrahim

    The founder of Hamon. Noufal is an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. He has worked for Cisco systems, Synopsys, The Internet Archive and other organisations mostly in infrastructure engineering positions. He’s also active with open source communities and was the founder of PyCon India in 2009.